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Doctor Who

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doctor who characters are weeping angels and the silence

“Doctor Who,” a British sci-fi series, spans generations with its time-traveling Doctor, an enigmatic, regenerating alien. Exciting journeys across space and time are accompanied by its recognizable TARDIS and a wide range of companions. The program has attracted a passionate fan base from all over the world since its 1963 debut.

Over the years of the series, some extremely strong characters have appeared in Doctor Who. Here are fourteen of the strongest.

1. The Doctor 

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The Doctor is the main character and one of the most powerful Time Lords. They’ve saved the universe multiple times and command a vast knowledge of time and space. 

2. The Master

The Doctor’s arch-nemesis, the Master, is also a Time Lord. They possess many of the Doctor’s skills and are renowned for their skill and slyness. They can regenerate just like the Doctor, making them a redoubtable opponent. 

3. The Time Lords 

As a race, the Time Lords are incredibly powerful. They can manipulate time and space, and their technology is far advanced.  However, their power is frequently limited by their own rules and regulations. 

4. The Daleks

These iconic villains are a force to be reckoned with. They’re ruthless and have a single-minded thing of exterminating all other life forms. Their advanced technology and armed forces might make them a dreadful enemy. 

5. The Weeping Angels

These creatures are truly horrible. They appear as monument statues when observed, but when you blink or look away, they can move incredibly quickly. They send their victims back in time to feed off the potential energy of the life they would have lived.

6. River Song

River Song is a complex and important character who shares a deep connection with the Doctor. She can regenerate and has expertise in time travel as well as the Doctor’s future.  

7. The Silence

The Silence is a secretive and horrifying alien race. They have the power to wipe themselves from a person’s memory as soon as they look away, making them a dangerous and manipulative force.  

8. Davros

Davros is the creator of the Daleks and a brilliant scientist. Despite his physical disability, he possesses a high level of intelligence and clever. His control over the Daleks makes him an actual threat.   

9. Missy

Missy, short for” The Mistress,” is another avatar of the Master. She’s changeable and chaotic, with an affection for mischief and manipulation. Her ability at deception combined with her intelligence make her a very dangerous opponent. 

10. The War Doctor

John Hurt’s portrayal of the War Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor who fought during the Time War. He’s freighted by the choices he made during the conflict and possesses a  good deal of strength and determination.

11. The Sontarans

These warrior-like creatures are known for their militaristic nature and desire for domination. They have incredible physical strength and advanced technology, making them horrifying opponents in battle.

12. The Cybermen

Cybermen are humans who have been cybernetically enhanced, turning them into emotionless beings concentrated on achieving perfection. They retain great strength, adaptability, and the capability to upgrade themselves, making them a constant trouble.

13. Ashildr/ Me

Ashildr, also known as Me, is a Viking girl who becomes immortal after being saved by the Doctor. Throughout the series, she gains centuries of knowledge and becomes a powerful and purely nebulous character.

14. The Great Intelligence

The Great Intelligence is an ancient and cruel entity that seeks to gain control over time and space. It can retain and manipulate individuals, making them do its bidding. It’s a formidable opponent for the Doctor.

These characters show strength in many different forms, including intelligence, talent, and sheer willpower.
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