Jojo Rabbit (2019) A tale of coming-of-age that mixes dark and distressing scenes while tackling WWII with absurd humor.

IMAGE: Searchlight Pictures

American Psycho (2000) A wealthy banker's descent into madness with a mix of violence and humor.

IMAGE: Lionsgate

Knives Out (2019) A clever murder mystery with a stellar ensemble cast and witty humor.

IMAGE: Lionsgate Films

Promising Young Woman (2020) Darkly comedic revenge, highlighting societal issues, delivering a powerful narrative resonating with women's experiences.

IMAGE: FilmNation Entertainment

The Dictator (2012) The outrageous portrayal of a dictator by Sacha Baron Cohen makes for guilt-inducing entertainment as well as social commentary.

IMAGE: Paramount Pictures

Sorry to Bother You (2018) Confronting capitalism through a hilarious lens, this film explores office life with humor and unexpected twists.

IMAGE: Universal Pictures

Game Night (2018) Murder mystery meets comedy with tension, humor, and sibling dynamics in a thrilling ensemble cast narrative.

IMAGE: Warner Bros. Pictures

A Simple Favor (2018) A twisty, intriguing tale of friendship's dark side, blending drama with unexpected disappearance, and pending sequels.

IMAGE: Lionsgate

I Care a Lot (2020) A darkly satirical take on guardianship fraud, showcasing cunning characters and societal commentary through gripping storytelling.

IMAGE: Netflix

Thanks for sharing (2012) This film bravely deals with sex addiction while well combining humor, recovery, and social awareness with outstanding acting..

IMAGE: Lionsgate Films