10 Best Joaquin Phoenix Movies

Gladiator (2000) Joaquin Phoenix's compelling villainy shines in Ridley Scott's epic drama.

 Image Credit: © Universal Pictures

Walk the Line (2005) Phoenix's uncanny portrayal of Johnny Cash earns him his first Oscar nomination.

 Image Credit: © Universal Pictures

Two Lovers (2008) Phoenix navigates a love triangle, infusing charm into this underrated romantic comedy.

 Image Credit: © Magnolia Pictures

The Master (2012) In a slow-burning thriller, Phoenix captivates as a WWII veteran with haunting complexities.

 Image Credit: © Paul Thomas Anderson

The Immigrant (2013) Phoenix shines in a tale of immigration and love, set in post-WWI New York City.

 Image Credit: © The Weinstein Company 

The Sisters Brothers (2018) An unlikely duo embarks on a thrilling neo-Western journey filled with humor and depth.

 Image Credit: © Annapurna Pictures

To Die For (1995) Phoenix stars in a dark comedy inspired by a true crime story, marking a milestone role.

 Image Credit: © Columbia Pictures

Hotel Rwanda (2004) Amidst genocide, Phoenix portrays an American journalist coping with unspeakable horrors.

 Image Credit: © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Her (2013) Phoenix finds love with an AI in Spike Jonze's modern-age romantic drama.

 Image Credit: © Warner Bros. Pictures

C'mon C'mon (2021) A heartwarming journey unfolds as Phoenix's character bonds with his nephew, evoking emotions.

 Image Credit: © Mike Mills