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1954 - Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson

Meet Miriam, the first American queen who won the Miss Universe title and hearts in 1954. 


Green Soul Mates

1956 - Carol Ann Laverne 

Carol Ann shined in 1956, showcasing grace and charm as a representative of the USA.  


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1960 - Linda Jeanne Bement 

The legacy of the USA's pageant success continued in 1960 when Linda Jeanne won the title..   


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1967 - Sylvia Louise Hitchcock 

Sylvia Louise became a beacon of elegance, winning the pageant for the USA in 1967.  


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1980 - Shawn Nichols Weatherly 

In 1980, Shawn Nichols took the stage and won the title for the US.  


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1995 - Chelsi Mariam-Pearl Smith 

In 1995, Chelsi Mariam-Pearl stunned the world, carrying on the legacy of American victories.   


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1997 - Brook Antoinette Mahealani 

Brook Antoinette dazzled as the USA's queen in 1997, capturing hearts globally. 


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2012 - Olivia Frances Culpo 

Olivia Frances won the 2012 title for the US and went on to become a symbol of elegance and beauty.  


Green Soul Mates

2022 - R’Bonney Gabriel 

As the newest USA pageant queen in 2022, R'Bonney Gabriel represents the most recent victory.