Pikachu stands as the most recognisable and well-known Pokémon character.

Pikachu is normally about one foot four inches tall.

Pikachu can use electrical impulses to communicate with its kind and receive messages from them.

Ketchup is something that Pikachu has always loved.They also like to eat berries and apples.

Pikachu is among the select few Pokémon that, in spite of lacking wings, can learn the move Fly.

Pikachu is a squirrel, despite the fact that most Pokémon fans refer to him as a "mouse type" Pokémon.

The lightning-like pattern belongs to male Pikachu, while the females have a heart-shaped dent at the end of their tails.

A Pikachu will attack if its tail is pulled by something or someone. Pikachu uses electricity that shoots from red pouches on his cheeks to attack.

Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon, meaning it has the ability to generate and manipulate electricity. Pikachu use their sleep to regain their energy.