The 10 Most Saddest TV Character Deaths

Gus Fring Gus Fring, a character from Breaking Bad, meets an unexpected but dramatic end when he is bombed and loses half of his face.

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Glenn Rhee After Negan brutally murdered beloved character Glenn, "The Walking Dead" faced backlash.

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Ned Stark Ned Stark's shocking beheading in "Game of Thrones" establishes the tone for the show's violence.

  Image Credit: © HBO

Will Gardner Lawyer Will's murder in court surprises fans and marks a dramatic departure for the character on "The Good Wife."

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Maude Flanders Flanders is cheaply killed in "The Simpsons" by a controversial t-shirt cannon accident.

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Rita Morgan Rita's death at the hands of the Trinity Killer, a devastating turn in the show, leaves viewers stunned on "Dexter."

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Janice Moss In "Barry," Barry goes back to his hitman ways and murders Janice to save his new life.

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Barb Holland After Barb gets eaten by a Demogorgon in Stranger Things, people start to cry out for "Justice for Barb."

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Tracy McConnell A lot of viewers found the "How I Met Your Mother" finale disappointing when it revealed the mother's passing.

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Terry Crowley The first episode of "The Shield" features a deceptive twist that shocks viewers by killing off a key character.

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