10 Anime Characters Who Are the Strongest and Most Powerful

Kenshin Himura: Legendary samurai's mercy wields Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu, mastering combat without killing.

 Image Credit: © Fuji TV

Shinichi Izumi: Parasite merge grants enhanced strength, intellect, and strategic prowess for battles.

 Image Credit: © Madhouse

Son Hak: Lightning Beast defends Yona with unmatched skill, cutting down foes effortlessly.

 Image Credit: © Crunchyroll

Kenshiro: Hokuto Shinken master precise, unmatched martial arts, immense strength, and endurance in battles.

 Image Credit: © Fuji TV

Izuku Midoriya: One For All's immense power shatters bones, unleashing superhuman strength in combat.

 Image Credit: © Crunchyroll

Eren Yeager: Attack Titan's transformation, intelligence, and new abilities enhance formidable fighting prowess.

 Image Credit: © Crunchyroll

Edward Elric: Youngest State Alchemist transmutes instantly, wielding various weapons in combat with skill.

 Image Credit: © Crunchyroll

Ryuko Matoi: Life Fiber sync enhances combat, slicing enemies with Kamuy for unstoppable power.

 Image Credit: © Trigger

Kisho Arima: Supernatural reflexes, technique, and deadly quinques make him the CCG's unparalleled investigator.

 Image Credit: © Tokyo MX

Levi Ackerman: ODM gear master, lethal in Titan battles highest kills, unmatched in Scouts.

 Image Credit: © Wit Studio