A brand-new animated series based on the famous “Terminator” franchise will debut on Netflix.
The eight-episode series will mark the debut of the franchise’s animated form. A war between humans and machines is depicted in the teaser as occurring in 2022. Then it jumps back to 1997, the year that Skynet unleashed its first wave of human-on-human combat.

The new series has the following synopsis: The remains of humanity and an endless army of machines have been engaged in a war for decades. After developing self-awareness in 1997, the AI known as Skynet started to take revenge on humans. Sending a soldier back in time to alter humanity’s destiny has left him stuck between the past and the future. When she shows up in 1997, it’s to defend Malcolm Lee, a scientist working on launching a new artificial intelligence system to counter Skynet’s future attack on humanity. Constant assassin from the future follows Malcolm as he works through the ethically complex issues of his creation, changing his three children’s destiny permanently.

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